Created 12.8.2020

If a customer calls to request additional devices, please do the following:

1) Ask the customer "What school are they calling from?"

2) Ask the customer "How many devices do you need?"

3) Obtain the  following information 

    A) customer's name

    B) position

    C) contact number

    D) email address

4) Send an email to

    A) Subject of the email - Request for Additional Wifi devices

    B) Message in body of the email

    "Customer's Name", "Position", located at "School" is requesting "Number of Devices" additional Wifi devices.

    He/She can be reached at "contact number" and/or "email address".



    Information Technology

    John Doe, Assistant Principal, located at Made Up Middle School is requesting 20 additional Wifi devices. 

    He can be reached at 111.222.3333 and/or


    Information Technology

5) If a student or a parent calls to request a Wifi device, please have them call the school. Technology does not distribute Wifi devices.