We assist by providing district technology standards for hardware and software. These standards are established to ensure compatibility with the district's network infrastructure, compliance with mandated security rules and regulations to ensure student online safety, to meet performance requirements, and to meet mandated accessibility guidelines for students with a disability. As an added benefit, standards make it easier to establish consistent and more efficient support and training for our staff. As a result,  the district is saving time and money providing support services and consistent professional development. It is important that all teachers and staff considering technology acquisitions, large or small, contact us for guidance with these procurements.

We strive to be a valuable resource for our staff. We provide information and guidance on technology processes and procedures, as well as facilitate necessary communication with vendors on technology purchases. In addition, we make sure that we all are fully informed of regulatory and licensing compliance matters, particularly when purchasing new products. Licensing compliance and education is one of our primary responsibilities and we perform ongoing education to support this process.

Additionally, we focus on ensuring compliance with district policies as well as state and federal laws and regulations regarding technology in education. For example, the district has policies and regulations in place for safe and ethical use of technology resources such as